Friday, April 20, 2018


A few months ago I did a major overhaul in my closet. It was refreshing and freeing. I was able to donate a good many things and just rid myself of lots of unused "stuff" of all kinds. I did some organizing and rearranging in the process also, and I was left with space I didn't realize I had. 

One thing I'd been wanting to add to the closet for some time was a spot for sitting. Of course, I don't mean for reading a book and sipping coffee; just a spot for putting on shoes, thinking about what to wear to work, or maybe just breathing for a minute and thinking a deep thought. 

A chair, a bench--I wasn't really sure. When I came across this small stool thrifting with my mom one Saturday, I decided it was perfect. It's just what I had in mind. The closet is not huge; it is a walk-in, but anything larger than this wouldn't work. 

It's in good condition and sturdy.

This flower print is on all four sides.

You can tell in this picture there must have been some type of trim with a circular form to it, or maybe there was a nail head finish. But I don't see any holes for nails.

I sanded off the flowers and the legs of the stool, and painted it last weekend. Now I'm trying to decide if I like any of the fabric scraps I have around the house, or if I want to look a little more.

This first piece is left over from a table skirt, but I think it's too creamy. That makes me sad, because this one is probably my favorite.

This one is the best match in color, but this navy print... It's just weird to me.

This is probably my next favorite. The back ground is more cream than white, but not as creamy as the one above.

I also ordered a sample of this cute fabric from

This geometric fabric is fun and the whites match great. The green is even brighter in person.

And now, as you can probably guess, I have too many choices! Decisions, decisions...

I bought these at Lowe's thinking I would use nail head accents. I've never worked with them on a project, so that may or may not happen.

Okay. That's where I am in the process. I'll let you know how it turns out. :-) April and May are such busy months in high school who knows when I'll be done.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. Do you like one better than the others? Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Who knew you could buy succulents from Amazon?

My husband saw an ad in one of his feeds and said I should share these deals with you. So, that's what I'm doing. Nice of him to be on the lookout for good deals we might all be interested in. :-) 

I love the look of succulents in every type of container and in any room. On tables tops, in book shelves, in vignettes--succulents add character to any space. I've had a few over the years (the two above), and I guess I should confess that they didn't last too long. I'm going to attempt to grow them again this summer. I definitely learned the key to keeping them alive is not to over water. I've done a bit of reading and research since I lost the first few I had, so I feel up to the succulent-growing task again.  

Here's what I found on Amazon, and if you've priced these plants at all lately, you'll see why these are good deals.  

The plants come in assorted packs and in several different quantities. Here are just a few examples of the assortments Amazon has to offer. (Affiliate links)

How cute is this idea for planters?

via Pinterest

This would be a great idea for a hostess gift or I know some teachers who would love this for an end-of-the-year gift. :-)

One Wed

Here's another idea. Pick up random tea cups and saucers at thrift stores and use them for planters.

DIY Spins

Look how pretty they are in milk glass.

via Pinterest

They're pleasing in just about anything. 

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Friday, April 6, 2018


Here are some Friday links to explore and enjoy, and I'm also sharing two of my favorite beauty products. 

ONE - This project has to be one of the prettiest I've seen in the blogger-sphere. I don't have the patience for something this involved, but Jennifer does. The back of these shelves are hand painted. Yes, you heard me right--hand painted! 

TWO - My fashion idol...

THREE - Since publishing my post about orchids, I found a growing guide--in case we decide to try a real one some day.

FOUR - I still say this is the best stuff in the world for getting your nails in shape! More here

FIVE - This feels so good on your lips! Lord knows I need some anti-aging! I put a lot on when I go to bed, and a thin sweep of it before my lipstick when I'm on my way out the door.

(Affiliate links used.)

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Hello Spring!

I use the term "spring" loosely. In Alabama, we're still dressing for winter about three days a week and dressing for spring the other days. I was sweating over the weekend and freezing today. We never know what we will wake up to.

On to today's post...

Orchids are one of my favorite things to use in my home. They can stand alone in a space or work perfectly in a grouping to create a vignette. Feel free to use them in any room of the house. They're going to look perfect no matter where they are. I bet there isn't a house magazine, home blogger, or interior designer anywhere without an orchid somewhere in his or her designs. Who could blame them?

Today I've rounded up eleven pretty (faux) orchid options for you. All the source links are under the collage.

Amazon  //  5 All Modern  //  6 Wayfair 

Target  //  8 Target  //  9 Hayneedle

10 Walmart  //  11 Havertys 

If you're not exactly sure where or how to use orchids, here are a few ideas. 

Belclaire House via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Scott Snyder via The Enchanted Home

Brantley Photography via The Glam Pad

Orchids make any spot beautiful. What's one of your favorite things to use in your home? Hit the blue "comment" link below and share it with me.  

Saturday, March 24, 2018


When I was putting together my anniversary post last week, I came across the pictures of my federal mirror I found last year and realized I've never posted about how it turned out or how I ended up using it.

I've always loved the look of a federal mirror, and I shared some pictures that inspire me here.

First things first...

I had to prep it for painting because I wanted it to be gold. Like the other round mirror I painted, it took a bit of extra prep time thanks to the shape and angles. I followed the same procedure as before. I used a small strip of tape, pressed it down against the edges with my thumb nail, and used a razor blade to trim the excess.

The paint I like to use for a really pretty, gold metallic finish is this one by Rustoleum.

Just like expected--nice and gold.

I'm using it in my dining room which was my plan all along. It feels slightly small for the spot I chose. But, I like it just as well for now.

Here are three other mirror projects I've shared.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope it's a great Saturday!

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Guess who had a birthday this week?
 Not me. Thank goodness! 
It's the blog! 

I really am shocked every day at how fast time goes by. It's so hard to believe it has been three years since I started Woodbank Lane with this short introduction post. I was incredibly nervous. The idea of being live on the Internet on a regular basis was hard to fathom. But, I had wanted to be a blogger for about two years and the desire was only getting stronger the longer I waited. 

It was a week not very different from this one. It was spring break, and I just could not get the idea of blogging out of my head. I remember sitting at the bar in the kitchen, looking to see if the domain name "Woodbank Lane" was available, and telling my husband I was ready. His response, "You're not letting this go, are you?" My response to his response, "No. Come help me." And I still say that to him a few times a month. He's a great IT assistant. 

The posts that I've chosen to revisit today are in no particular order. I chose them for lots of different reasons. I felt like some had really good pictures, some were popular with readers, and a few were projects around here. I threw in some recipes, and also a personal story that everyone loved about a snake!

Let's get started... (Just click on the blue links to read any of the old posts.)

This is the first refresh project I shared (way before I understood how my camera worked). 

This is a tour of the pretty house we rented in Chattanooga. 

Inspiration House #5

I haven't made these again since I posted this, but they were really good.

I had no idea these flowers multiplied like they do. We are in the process of digging about half of them up. 

This is a personal favorite of mine. 

Last Minute Center Piece

This was soooo good. This was a new-to-me recipe when I shared it. 

Hole-y Lemon Cake

I'm still doing this!

Keeping Up With the Good Things

This next post was inspired by a video trending on Facebook.

Make Your Bed and Have a Good Day

This may be my favorite picture I've taken. And, Kim at Savvy Southern Style featured the recipe in one of her Wow Us Wednesdays post. Needless to say, I was THRILLED!

Poppy Seed Bread

This next post was so much fun to "research." My husband and I toured this house in Birmingham. I actually stood in rooms that Mark D. Sikes and Lauren Leiss designed. 

My Tour of the Southern Living Idea House

I love a set table. 
Setting a Red, White, and Blue Table

Reading Storage or Utensil Caddy?

One of my earliest projects.  

Coffee Can Project

Red for Fall

I had just met my friend Michele (one L) when I saw the inside of her house. It was so pretty!

Inspiration House #2

Thanks to my friend Staci for giving me this one. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they made and loved this...

Artichoke Chicken

Every single one of these has been dead for quite a while.  :-( But the pictures were pretty good while they were living. 

Fun Find Follow Up

Y'all loved this story!

A Snake Tale

With all the tradegy in the world and in our community, this was shared many times over.  I hope it brought some of you comfort when you read it. 

A Sunday Thought: When Tragedy Strikes

Thank you all for taking this trip down the blogger road with me. I've met some wonderful people along the way and have new friends all over the country. Your kind words when we bump into each other in the grocery store or in a text when you like a particular post, make my day. I also love it when you send me a picture because something in it made you think of me (it's usually blue and white).  

If you're still reading (that was kind of long!), have a great Saturday! I'm looking forward to the years to come with you here at Woodbank Lane.