Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspiration House #1

One of the things I'd like to do here every now and then is show you some homes full of great ideas, color, life, and love. These posts will be called Inspiration House.

The first one is special to me because the homeowner is the first "decorator", other than my mom, I saw in action. She and my mom rearranged furniture, exchanged furniture, and spray painted furniture, had my dad and her husband put wall paper up, and take wall paper down for what seems like my entire life! I often call her house and ask for Martha, as in Stewart. I want to show you a few pretty, romantic things in her house and in a later post a few vintage and unique things in her daughter's house. And of course there will be some lamps in the mix as well. You can revisit my "lamp love" here and here.

This is one of her prettiest bedrooms, bright and airy, and southern in style. A bold frame, an antique, a sentimental accessory, and a bed with layers. Southern in every way.
Southern bedroom
A bold frame
An antique
In 1928 Gay's grandparents were walking on a beach. They picked up this treasure. This conch shell is a tangible memory of that day long ago. 
1928 find
Sentimental accessory
A layered bed
Pretty table toppings
I hope you've enjoyed this first look into an Inspiration House. I think the pictures turned out well, considering it was the first house I've photographed! Remember, I just read the directions for my five year old camera. The story of reading the directions is here. What's your favorite thing about this space? Comment below if you have a minute...

It's the week after spring break in my world. Need I say more!? 
Have a good day.


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