Tuesday, June 18, 2019


So here's the update... The fig is doing great!! Maybe too great. I'm worried if it keeps growing like this, it will soon be touching the ceiling. Then what do I do? Help!

Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when I brought him home.

There's a new leaf working its way out as you're reading this. I absolutely love watching these new leaves grow. It is crazy how fast they turn into 14, 15, even 16" leaves. My plant has added around 10 - 12 leaves in a little over a year. I guess that means I'm doing something right.

To read more about my fig and how I've been taking care of it, go back and read this article. I share where I found it and give you a few tips for how to care for a fiddle-leaf fig.

Hope you're enjoying the summer!


Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I'm always looking for blue and white vessels and milk glass when I'm roaming a thrift store, but recently I added something new to my list of things to be on the lookout for: decorating books and books to decorate with. They usually cost next to nothing, and I've been lucky to find some that are in excellent shape. 

I also took a chance on Amazon and found some good prices on used books there as well. Here are the three used books I've purchased lately that inspired this post. I ordered Domino from Amazon for less than $8, and I found A Time to Plant by decorator James Farmer (one of my favorites) and the cute little book Mini Makeovers at a local consignment store.

Mini Makeovers is a little gem full of good takeaways, pretty vignettes, and room ideas. It's also full of hints and DIY projects. Here are a few.

One other used book I picked up "for my son" is this waterfowl book. It is filled with gorgeous images and would also be a good source for pictures to create a gallery wall full of birds in a boy's room or a guest room.

Now, for displaying the books other than the coffee table.

Stack them in a chair or on an accent stool. Mine are currently in an antique chair my mom gave me years ago topped with a small bowl (also thrifted).

Here are a few other pretty pictures and ideas for using, stacking and displaying books. I love the plant on this stack. Notice Sherry Hart and I have a book in common in our stacks. :)

From Sherry Hart (@sherryhdesigns)

Image: Laurey W. Glenn, via Pinterest

Design Sponge

Nora Murphy Country House

Instagram: @ourhomelyhaven

The Spruce via Pinterest
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