Friday, June 23, 2023


 Are you ready for some inspiration? 


A beautiful cottage with pattern on pattern and color galore, filled with antiques and warmth. (Image: Christopher Horwood) 


Have you watched the Reese Witherspoon movie Home Again? Or Father of the Bride? Or Something's Gotta Give? This article explains why we love all the sets created by Nancy Meyers. 

A beautiful Instagram account to follow.


I use a planner that parallels the school year calendar, and this is the one I've been using for years.  If you do too, try this one. It runs from June to July. There are a few of them that come in a 5 x 7 size, but I prefer the 8 x 11 size. 


We are heading to the beach at the end of the month, and I love this beach bag! It comes in 8 styles. Water and sand proof. All styles are less than $20. 

That's all! Now on to the weekend...

Tuesday, June 20, 2023


If you love design books (or really any kind of book), today's post is for you. I want to tell you about a book source that I discovered a few years back. It's called Thriftbooks. I've ordered from them multiple times over the years, and saved myself some money.

I haven't bought any new books from them, but I have bought several used books because I have no problems buying second-hand. I usually check this source first when I come across an interior design book I'm interested in. I love design books for both inspiration and decorating. When you find a book you're interested in, the site will tell you what condition the used book is in. The price is usually so good, it is worth the risk to trust the condition description. I've been pleased with what I've ordered. 

My latest purchase from Thriftbooks is an old book (1991) that I saw on a table in Mandy Eno's home. She's one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Her home is beautiful and authentic, collected and welcoming. Follow her here, if you don't already. She has multiple gallery walls in her home, and they are all so good! 

Hoping for some wall inspiration, I looked up this book Decorating with Pictures

Here are a few of my favorite gallery walls from the book.

So now, the next time you are hunting for an old book or even a new book, remember this source. Check Thriftbooks first. They may have what you're looking for, and they will definitely save you money.  :-)

Thursday, June 08, 2023


It's been a minute since I've shared thrift scores with you, but now that summer is here, and I've RETIRED (whoo hoo!), I hope to be talking to you much more regularly! So, let's get going with some things I brought home since we last discussed secondhand finds, aka - thrift scores.  


This is probably my favorite thing on the list. I had been looking for a small end table for this spot and this one is the perfect shape and size. I needed something for my guests to put their drinks on. 

It has lots of pretty details on the legs. 


My next find is from an antique mall in Nashville. More than likely, every thrifting post will have a piece of blue and white. :-) I'm sure that does not come as a surprise to you.


If you saw last weeks' post about the guest room, then you've seen this find before. It's getting a new look, and I hope to show it to you soon!


I have a hard time leaving these behind. This one is very similar to one I already have, but it's bigger. 

I will probably also paint it eventually, but for now I'm using it as is. The one below is the smaller one I spray painted gold. 


Yes, I know. Fabric is not something you would expect to find at an antique mall, but one of the vendors makes and sells headboards out of his booth. This is eight yards of white fabric, and it was only $52. I love the small design in the fabric, and will be using it to recover my dining room chairs (one of these days).

Have you found any treasures lately? See the word "comment" below? Click on it and share yours!