Thursday, July 05, 2018


Green is not usually a color I use much in my decorating, other than a plant here and there, but lately I've been seeing green used in some really pretty, inspirational ways. From painted furniture to kitchen cabinets, it can be used in every room in the house. And yes, it does feel like I'm cheating on my blue and white to post this. :-) But sometimes it's nice to get a glance at something fresh and a little different. 

Here are a few pieces that have been painted. This first one is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the decorating on top, and the gold pulls are so pretty. It feels like the perfect combination of old and new.

Second Changes by Misty Etsy Shop

The picture below inside the empty frame is a great idea.


I see dressers like this one all the time on FB Market Place. I need to remember how great they look when painted and given new life.

A Simpler Design

Swoon. I couldn't commit to this, but these next few kitchens and one bathroom that use green sure are stunning.

Emily A. Clark

Jaclyn Peters Design

Any thoughts on upper and bottom cabinets being a different color like the one below?

Elle Decor


Style Me Pretty

Better Homes and Gardens

Judith Balis Interiors via Domino

Fabric is certainly an easy way to add the color green. Plus, so many other colors are easily combined with it.

Southern Living

The Glam Pad

Home Bunch

Sue Ellen Gregory via Pinterest


Life On Virginia Street 

Something about a green sofa... instant elegance!

Photo: Artist Residence via Pinterest

Southern Living

Better Homes and Gardens

Alice Lane Home

Mark D. Sikes
I do have some green and white plates hanging in my kitchen, and like I said above, a live (and faux) plant or two, but that's about it for the green in my house. Have y'all used green in your home?



  1. Thanks for great share! I was searching for ideas for decorating with wood cabinets and this post was the first suggestion. I wanted to leave some gratitude for this lovely collection of kitchens, I definitely have some ideas now.

    1. Great! Glad it was helpful. Thanks for stopping by.


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