Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspiration House #2

The newly constructed house I'm sharing today is adorably decorated. The house plans were custom created by the homeowner who is a new friend of mine. A quick visit to her house and I knew it would be the next one I photographed to share with you. The natural light and the open area of the downstairs living space were probably my favorite things about it, other than the soft turquoise piano.
She redid the piano in one afternoon with a sander and chalk paint that she made herself. The paint recipe includes plaster of Paris, water, and latex paint. (I might have to try that out for myself and make a project post out of it!) The piano sits between the fire place and two corner windows, so its beauty is always highlighted.

My friend describes her style as farmhouse country, a little rustic, but mature. I just call it pretty. You can't refer to it as farmhouse country unless there are some farm animals in the mix. This is how she incorporated a few.

The next few shots are dining and kitchen area.
She's a really good cook and cooks often.
Her open floor plan allows her to be in the kitchen without being alone!

These last few were just too pretty to leave out.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them. A BIG thank you to my new friend Michele (with one L) for welcoming me into her home. Hopefully, some of her ideas have given you an idea or two. How do you feel about the rustic, country farmhouse style? What would you call your style? I would love to hear from you! Comment below if you have a minute.



  1. Guess I should start showing these ideas to someone before they show up in his house?!?!


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