Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading directions...

About five or so years ago, we bought a Canon camera. I'd been wanting a "better" camera to use for the kids' events, family gatherings, holidays, etc. It is a Canon EOS Rebel XS. We even bought a fancy photography book.

Fancy photography book

The camera served its purpose. I documented what I wanted with some good pictures, but with some not so good ones, too. Doug, the husband, had been on me to read the directions. But who has time for those, right? Then I came across an article about photography on one of the blogs I read and I realized that one of my lenses (not pictured here because I am using it to take the picture) is the same lens and camera she was writing about. 

Suddenly, I wanted to devour the directions so I, too, could have great pictures like hers!

I mean, I had the camera and the lens, might as well give it a try. I still have so, so much to learn, but I do have a little understanding now of ISO, aperture, manual, automatic, exposure, depth of field, white balance, the list goes on.  As you follow me on this blog adventure, hopefully, my pictures will get better and better.  Here are a few of my practice shots.

Scary fern

Living room shelves

 A cousin's bridal tea

 Easter vignette
Fake fruit

Also Easter vignette

You can find the story I mentioned earlier here. It is from Emily A. Clark's blog, one of my favorite bloggers.  A more technical explanation is here on The Pioneer Woman's blog. Two great places to start. I found lots of help and tips on Pinterest as well.

I have a new appreciation for reading the directions...


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