Saturday, April 04, 2015

Thrifty finds...

I love feeling like I've found a little something special. Although I appreciate the new, I'm kind of partial to the items around my house that have been enjoyed by someone other than just me, the things I've picked up here and there at thrift stores or consignment shops. I thought I'd show you some of the practical things I've rustled up over the years. Sometimes I find things when I'm intentionally looking for them, but other times I'm out treasure hunting and I happen upon items that just can't be left on a random shelf or sitting on some table. In other words, they're now on my shelf or sitting on one of my tables.

The first one is a staple in Alabama. The hound's tooth pillow... I found two of these. They were in perfect shape when I decided they were going home with me. They're made with goose down inserts and zip on covers. SCORE!
This metal basket would be great to store tons of things. Magazines, books, towels or even small blankets are just a few of the items I would consider letting it hold.

It came to rest in my bathroom. Score again! Who doesn't like pretty storage?

The last goody for this post of thrifty finds is this chair I found for my daughter's room.

We had just added the coral color to her chocolate brown and blue room. So this was perfect! The thrift store had six. I guess someone was getting new dining room furniture and said goodbye to these. Later on I was a little sad I didn't buy two. They were only $19.99.

She uses it as her catch-all and it's rarely (who am I kidding), it's never clean like this picture.

Do you like to go thrifting? Have you found some treasures of your own?



  1. I like to go treasure shopping also and I love the stuff you found. I really love, love, love the metal storage basket. We really should talk more at work.



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