Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Sunday thought... Mother's Day

It's the day to thank your mom! - if that is even possible. I know I could never adequately thank mine. She is what I call a make-it-happen mom. If we needed it, wanted it, had to have it, had to do it, had to finish it - she helped us make it happen.

This is a had-to-have-it story...

Everyone should work in retail at least once in life. You learn more than you want to about the public, and I know it makes you a better person. I've had two retail jobs: the first, a drug store called Harco - eventually bought by Rite Aid; the second, a clothing store called Parisian - eventually bought by Belk. Those years working for Parisian in the late 80's, early 90's cultivated lots of things in me and certainly contributed to my love of all things girlie. One of the more expensive vendors we carried at Parisian was Herman Geist. Do you remember that one? When the purple, flowered set below hit the rack, I wanted it - badly. But each piece costs $98, a lot then and now. Then one day my mom came to see me at work. I showed her my newest clothing desire just to show her. I knew it was too much. And guess what she did? She took my sizes from the rack and put the outfit on lay-a-way. No special occasion - she just wanted me to have it. I wore it to everything. In this picture, I had just been hired to teach and my school was having open house. This is my grandmother, Momma Bea. She and my granddaddy came to see my school. (Sorry for the bad quality. It's a picture of a picture.)

circa 1992 with my grandmother


I've never been able to let go of it. It's still hanging in my closet some 25 years later. I have, however, just recently, been able to let go of that big hair. :-)

Thank you, Momma, for doing what mommas do - for loving us unconditionally, sacrificially, and constantly.

Her children rise up and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28

I hope you all have a good Sunday and a Happy Mother's Day.

Christmas 2014

My mom Linda.

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