Thursday, May 14, 2015

Front door revamp...Part II

Although they're hard to come by these days, we finally had one - a sunny Saturday! So, I'm following up Front Door Revamp Part I with Part II. I'm thrilled to have one thing off my summer list before summer.

This was after one coat of paint. Remember, I'm painting a black door. It ended up taking three coats.

First coat
Third coat

It doesn't take long at all to paint a door. And, luckily, it doesn't take much paint either. You can't beat it for a quick update or spruce up.

I'd been seeing what I call the solid look in lots of pictures and wanted to try it. Here is one I really like.

Image Source: This Old House

We painted the door the same color as the porch windows. It feels clean and fresh to me. We replaced the hardware with basically the same as what we had. I like the elegance of the brass and think of it as simple but dressy.

Here it is, all one color. I think I really like it.

We decided to add a brass door knocker from House of Antique Hardware. I must confess, I'd seen this one on Emily A. Clark's front door - one of my favorite decorating bloggers - and I copied her. Take a look at her front door here.

I added ferns I bought from my friend Judi who sold them as a fund raiser for her daughter's softball team, and geraniums grown by the incredible special needs students at my high school in their own green house they maintain throughout the school year.

The final product...

I'm really happy with the continuity of the door, the side windows, and the column. Check! - one project off my summer list.

Did you happen to catch the March issue of Southern Living? It had some beautiful front doors from Charleston. When I get brave and bold, I'm going to try an eye catching color like these.

Now on to the next project on the list, cleaning out closets. Ugh...not nearly as much fun as summering up the front porch. I do have other fun projects on the list, too, that I'll share with you later. What's on your project list for the summer? Click on comments below and let's compare!



  1. Kathryn--looks great. I'm still so happy with that door knocker.

    And, I'm trying your chicken and dumpling recipe :)


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