Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Inspiration House #4

In honor of spring blooming and summer starting to simmer, I thought I'd pass along some inspiration for the room that filters the sun. Originally a screened-in porch, this space now serves as a sun room. I like the bright and updated color combination. It's styled with a traditional feel, mixed with natural elements and a dash of contemporary. Enjoy the view!

Sun Room
Great lamp choices in all of her rooms. Y'all know I love lamps.

The contemporary pattern on the chair adds a little fun.

Some of the accessories in this room are from Capitol Park Antiques. I finally took a stroll through their shop this weekend. It's filled with beautiful mirrors, linens, lamps, and bedding. Worth a trip if you're downtown!

The sun room in my house is the man cave for now, full of wires and metal. Maybe one day we'll use it to take in some sun. I'm not complaining, though. It's a great place to watch movies and Alabama football!

The countdown is on! 13 days of school left...


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