Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspiration House #5

Last year during spring break, we made a quick trip to Chattanooga. We had never been, and the proximity to our hometown made it a perfect destination for a three-day, two-night get away. Scrolling to find a photo I needed for a future blog post, I came across the pictures from the trip. Today I'm sharing the house we rented. We found it on the VRBO site for Chattanooga. I took a few shots on my phone as we were leaving, not knowing that in a year I would be blogging about pretty places, or I certainly would have used my good camera. It's a beautiful place and there was plenty of inspiration - the colors, the light fixtures, the furniture, the bedding - I liked it all.

The kitchen - the natural light in the house might be what I liked the most.

Clean, simple lines.

Across from the kitchen there was a sitting area with a large chaise. Lots of texture in the pillows and the throw. Inviting...

Pillow arranging by me before we checked out :-) I don't have good pictures of the art work, but there were several unique pieces like the one here. The owner is an artist - the abstracts are her original work.

The two bedrooms were upstairs. This is the master. That bed...

Work area to the left of the room.

Neutrals and earth tones were used throughout the house.

The bedroom was open to the living space below.

Love the light fixtures. Remember, don't judge my pictures. I had no idea at the time I'd be writing a blog post about this house one day!

Second bedroom.

Top of stairs.

Street view.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and saw an idea or two you could use in your own home. A big thank you to Jo Beth Kavanaugh for sharing her house with us. Her homes have been on HGTV, and she has been featured in Southern Living. Her eclectic style mixes the new and old with modern and contemporary - makes for a peaceful escape. You can rent this house and see more detailed pictures here.

As always, thanks for reading! Have you visited Chattanooga? Leave a comment about your trip below...

Hope it's a great Memorial Day weekend for you!


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