Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two Tips for Tuesday...

Tip #1 - If you have trouble growing your nails, be on the look out for this Sally Hansen nail product the next time you are in your local drug store. Look for the one that has Retinol and Nylon in it. I think the nylon is the miracle worker. After you paint your nails, look closely. The tiny protective fibers are visible. I put it on clean nails and in three or four days put on another coat, making sure to get the edges of the nail. Then start over in about ten days or when you notice the polish wearing off. Read a little more from Sally Hansen. It really does work (Too bad they're not paying me to say that!). I usually buy mine from Walgreens.

Tip #2 - Do you have a pretty soap dish? Wash off all that gooey soap and re-purpose it.

Old soap dish = new jewelry holder.

I hope today is good for you. This is my last week at home before the 2015-16 school year kicks off. I'll be heading back to the classroom pretty soon for my 19th year of teaching.  :-)


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