Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A book suggestion...

So, this is what's on my bedside table right now.

I wish I had nothing better to do than pour a ridiculously sized cup of coffee, put on my pajamas, hunker down under the covers, and read it. But, then again, I should probably pace myself. It's one of those books that will come to an end entirely too soon.

If you are a woman, friend, mother, daughter, wife, sister, cousin, neighbor - you get the picture - if you are breathing, you will enjoy this! I ordered mine from Amazon.

Are you familiar with Jen Hatmaker? Get familiar with her here and read her latest blog post here.

By the way, I'm getting my ingredients ready for a fabulous fall recipe. I'll be trying it for the first time when I share it with you. :-) It was given to me by a student seventeen years ago. Can't wait!


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