Friday, November 20, 2015

Friendship and the "C" word...

I remember the night vividly. My cell phone rang. It was late, so of course I thought it was one of the kids. When I picked up my phone, I saw Meg's name, one of my best friends from high school. We greeted each other, and in no time, I realized she hadn't called to catch up. She suddenly couldn't speak. I asked if something was wrong, and eventually, she managed a yes.  My swirling thoughts came to a stand still when she told me it was Shannon. What could possibly be wrong with Shannon, our other high school friend? Cancer. Cancer had opened the door and let itself in.

To say this was hard to comprehend is an understatement. There's a popular book out there about bad things happening to good people. I probably need to buy it and read it. Maybe it would shed a little light and provide some explanation to this dose of unfairness life prescribed. I surely can't figure it out on my own.

That's my friend Shannon on the right in her signature color. One of the causes she devotes part of her days to is American Leprosy Missions. She shares some insightful information on leprosy here in a beautifully written article.

See what I mean about good? She's a sweet soul (and a great writer).

Meg and I got to spend a weekend with her in October.

Nothing much better than a girls' reunion weekend! A little more about our fun here. She's almost done with her treatments, and she has handled them with as much grace and beauty as she does everything else. Our prayer--that the drugs are knocking out the "c" word...

So thankful for the gift of friendship...


For more information about American Leprosy Missions click here.

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