Saturday, November 07, 2015

Is it time for red and green yet?

We've barely finished with Halloween, so I'm hesitant to pull out the green and red. But lots of people are whipping it out faster than you can say "Happy Thanksgiving." I've seen some pretty decorations on Facebook already and Christmas trees are starting to fill my Instagram feed. I'm going to confess, I would love to have my tree up, too. The days from now to New Year's go by so fast, one month doesn't seem like enough time to enjoy its presence. But, I'll wait until after Thanksgiving. My husband and I do (sort of) agree on that point.

I am, however, thinking about what I plan on doing for the holidays. This is the start of my dining room table.

I have no idea how old the plaid blanket is. When my grandmother died last year and I was helping my mom clean out her house, we found the blanket in the top of a closet. I'm going to use it as the runner. The napkins and jingle bell napkin holders are from Pier One Imports. I bought them last year.

Here's the inspiration for my dining room table.

City Farmhouse
The runner in the picture is actually a scarf. How creative is that? I do plan on putting out a few decorations here and there soon, but the tree will have to wait.

Do you have your tree up? Are you in the before Thanksgiving crowd or the after Thanksgiving crowd? Click on the comment link below and share your thoughts...

Saturday is here!


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