Thursday, December 17, 2015

A quick Christmas decorating idea...

Do you have any extra ornaments you ended up not using? Find a pretty bowl and display them. This will add a quick and easy dash of Christmas to any spot in any room.

My friend Glenis has a beautiful collection of pink milk glass. I must say, I coveted just a little when I saw it. I liked it so much I've been grabbing up some of my own in white. I've found three pieces so far. That's what I've used to hold my extra ornaments and add a final touch to my Christmas decorating. (Painting by my youngest son five years ago in elementary school.)

To my surprise, the ornaments look even prettier at night because if you display them close to lamps, they reflect the light and add a sparkle to your room. And who doesn't like a little sparkle...

Let's review... empty a cute bowl or look in the cabinets and pull out one you haven't used in a while. Add ornaments, turn on the lamps, and you've added Christmas sparkle. :-)

Two more days until the break, and believe it or not, I have all my papers graded--including the make-up work. Yay!

I hope you are having a good week...


  1. I love those lamps! Where did you find those?


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