Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Drop cloth table decor...

Over the weekend I worked on my topiary project, the one I mentioned last week. I didn't have a small paint brush, so I had to run into Lowe's and grab one. It was way too cold to paint outside, so I grabbed a small drop cloth also. I wanted to be able to paint at my kitchen table.

As I'm at the table envisioning the vignette after the topiaries are painted, I have the thought to use the 4x5 drop cloth on the table as well. I've seen lots of pins on Pinterest about using drop cloths as window panels, so I throw the one I bought in the washing machine with the next load, and Voile!

It washed and dried up great! I ironed it just a little to soften it up and smooth it out.

It not only gives a natural look to the table, but it also adds a small amount of texture.

I experimented with it in a couple of different positions.

First, I used it the way you would any table cloth...draped evenly across the table.

Next, I made three even folds to create the look of a table runner...

The last is a slanted look. Normally, no matter what the project is, I'm all, "It's gotta be symmetrical."  But I threw caution to the wind on this last look... (Remember, it's not a perfect square--4x5.)

Surprisingly, this is the one I liked the best. The plan is to have the topiaries I mentioned above finished this week and have a new look for my breakfast table soon.

OK. So, what do you guys think? A, B, or C? Straight, runner, or off center? Would you use a drop cloth like this?

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