Friday, March 18, 2016

Inspiration for the Girls... Issue 3

Happy Friday!!

This is the last installment of my first series of related posts "Inspiration for the Girls." If you want to catch up on the first two issues, you can see them here and here. I've shown you pink diamonds and no-paint circles, and today stripes are on the patterned wall menu.


It's been quieter at our house this school year. If you've been reading along, you know we moved our daughter out in August of last year to start her sophomore year of college. One of my favorite projects around here is the stripes we painted in her room a few years ago. It wasn't a hard project, but it did involve math and a little help from my friend (Little) Leah. At the time of the project, I wanted to spunk up her room by throwing in some color and adding some pattern.

Here is a look at the room before the stripes and before we added an additional color. (A few of these shots were just snaps on my phone. The quality isn't so great.)

And after. . .

Here is the tutorial we (my friend Leah and I) used to get started. She can do math, so she got the title of project manager. And, here are a few other things that changed in her room.

We added a pretty coral color to the baby blue (which is hard to make out in the pictures) and brown. I spray painted her name, her wicker television stand, and two lamps this color.

This utensil caddy became a magazine/book holder. A little more about it here.

I came across this perfectly matching chair at a thrift store. You can see a few more shots of it here.

She'd had these pictures in her room for years and the coral, blues, greens, and browns continued to work even as the space was changing.

We used a small cheetah print on her valance and in the bedding.

It was a pretty space for a season. Now it houses two sets of golf clubs and a make-shift home office. One day, hopefully, it will be an inviting guest room.

This is one of my favorite girl's room inspiration pictures. It's the same room as in the tutorial link above, but it has been updated. Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles is one of my favorites for project ideas. She is super creative and talented.

I hope you enjoyed these three rooms for the girls, and picked up an idea or two for your own update. Did you have a favorite? I love hearing from you in the comments. :-) Thanks again to my friends who were part of the "Inspiration for the Girls" series.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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