Friday, April 29, 2016

A few other places for plates...

Earlier this week I shared some plate wall inspiration that I've come across over the years on other blogs and Pinterest. Hopefully you were able to grab an idea or two for starting a wall of your own.

Just in case you can't envision all those holes at the moment, I thought I'd give you a few other ideas for hanging decorative plates but on a slightly smaller scale.

You know that space between your cabinets and your counter tops? It's the perfect place to add a grouping of plates.

My friend Kristi's kitchen

Combine a few plates with a mirror to make a stunning entrance.

My mom's pretty entrance

If you have an odd space between a piece of furniture and a door, hang your plates vertically.

My friend Gay's dining room
Use the space above your windows to draw the eyes up and make your ceilings seem a bit taller.

Kristi's again :-)

(And what a cute idea for a curtain tie.)

And what about plates without color? Those will work too. Use them on a contrasting wall.

Our dining room

Feel free to mix solids and prints as well.

OK, find the plates you aren't using at the moment or head out to your favorite thrift store. Hunt for plates with colors and patterns you like. Arrange them on the floor in different ways until you find one that speaks to you. Hang your center plate or platter first, and work your way out.

Happy Friday!

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