Saturday, June 18, 2016

A new job for an old dresser...

I haven't done much of anything in my daughter's room since we moved her out last August. I shared her room before it was dismantled in a blog series called "Inspiration for the Girls." You can see all three of those rooms here, here, and here. Sadly, her cute room has become kind of a catch-all. She took her bed, but the majority of the furniture she grew up with stayed here. I decided to use her dresser as a television stand in our room.

Before, the television was sitting on top of a bulky, too tall armoire. We sold it, and I'm rethinking the TV area.

Not only was this the set of furniture my daughter used growing up, but before it was hers, it was mine. Yes, that puts me the furniture in the "antique" category--really. Here are two pieces of the set we never owned that I've come across lately at antique stores.

This lingerie chest was selling for $700.00! It was in good shape, but WOW. Maybe I should sell...

I found this chest of drawers at an antique mall/thrift store. It was selling for $249, if I'm remembering correctly.

Got off track a bit there...

Back to the television spot in our room. I have a couple of things in mind that I want to use to complete the space.

One is this medallion. I've used it for many years in my bedroom. I'm going to give it a new look with spray paint. It has pretty detailing and will lighten up the wall when it's no longer so dark (although I like it the way it is, too...)

There isn't much space on the dresser because the television is wide. . .

. . . so part of the plan is using these skinny lamps I've had forever.

And of course books. What table top is complete without them?

That's the start. As soon as we get a break from the rain and humidity, I'll get the spray painting done and put it all together.

Do you have a television in your bedroom? What do you use to hold it?

Happy Saturday!


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