Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Tip #1 - I've tried a great new nail polish. The brand is JULEP. I've been using OPI for years on my toes, but I never really use color on my fingernails. My nails are usually painted clear with this miracle polish I told you guys about this time last year. However, I decided to venture out and paint with a bright color when a sweet student gave me a gift of goodies that included this bottle of polish tucked away in the bottom of the basket.

It went on smooth and dried incredibly fast. And, it looked good for several days. Once it began to look a bit shabby, I just reapplied another coat and was able to have a few more days of dashing hands before it had to come off. Lots of color options here.

Tip #2 - The other product I'm using this summer is a self tanner by Jergens. I've only used it three times, but in my opinion, my legs now have a savage tan. :-)

What I've been doing is putting it on first thing in the morning when I get up. I work a little in the house or feed my people or do some laundry giving it time to soak in and get good and dry. Then I shower and carry on with my day. It comes in two shades: Fair to Medium (the one I'm using) and Medium to Tan. For the hard-to-tan folks out there, you'll like this one.

Have you used either of these products?


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