Wednesday, August 10, 2016


So, I finally made it to the last page of what seemed like the never-ending-book (What Alice Forgot). I mentioned it, what seems like now, forever ago. It took me much longer to finish up than anticipated. Granted, I have little time for reading during the school year, but almost never has it taken me the entire year to read something! Now, based on that, you can more than likely guess how I felt about it.

The story was not a bad one--the concept was actually a good idea--but it took entirely too long to make its point.

The main character, a mom and wife pulled in oodles of different directions, saddled with a bundle of daily responsibilities, falls and bumps her head in exercise class. When she wakes up, ten years of her life is missing from her memory. As we begin to get to know Alice, Alice is getting to know herself all over again as well. Her beloved husband is barely speaking to her which has her beside herself. Their journey back to each other and their children is the bulk of the plot. That part of the story is attention-keeping and fun. The parts I found distracting were the stories involving the extras. I felt like too much time was given to, what I call, the sub-stories. The sub-stories elongated the book. The premise of losing ten years did grab my attention, but it just couldn't keep it.

On a happier note, I was pleased with the ending.

Now this book...

I'm only on Chapter 3 and I am hooked already. :-)

I hope you'll forgive my sporadic postings of late. The back-to-school crazy has started around here. Hopefully, we'll be back in the swing of routines and schedules soon!


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