Saturday, August 20, 2016


Have you seen the cover of Southern Living this month?

It is surely one of my all time favorites. I love everything about it--the natural lighting (which I'm jealous of because our house doesn't have much), the traditional styling and furniture pieces, and the color scheme to name a few.

The room on this month's cover is from the Southern Living Idea House in Birmingham, Alabama. That's only about 70 or so miles from me. So, I decided to take the tour. The house is open to the public until December. My husband even went. He's now referring to himself as "Husband of the Year" for accompanying me.

I thought I would take you on the tour. By the way, I did ask and it was fine to take pictures. I hope you have a big cup of coffee. I took a bunch.  :-)

Front Porch

Left side of porch

Right side of porch

I'll show you the kitchen first. It was really green and too dark for my liking, but beautifully designed and decorated. 

 Half bath off kitchen

Dining Room

I loved the gallery walls in the master bedroom and bath.

Upstairs Bedrooms and Baths

This pretty gold and glass shelf was one of my favorite things in the house. The Mr's only comment about this room, "Elvis would probably like it." 


And finally, the room from the cover. 

It was a fun way the spend a sunny, Sunday afternoon and pick up a few (hundred!) decorating ideas.

See anything that you liked? Have you visited a Southern Living Idea House?
Hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures you posted. The bathroom that had quite a few pictures hanging above the tub has inspired me to do something similar in my bathroom. Thanks!


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