Friday, November 04, 2016


I don't really go "all out" for fall, just a few touches of darker reds and browns here and there--I can only do orange in small doses. Replacing blue and white pieces with fall colors or rearranging a vignette is about our only hope in Alabama for feeling the change in the season. The thermometer hovers around ninety degrees until mid November, and sometimes we are still wondering in December if our boots will see the light of day. I haven't even worn fall clothes to work yet.

I thought I would show you how I did fall this year and suggest a few things for you to try if orange is not in your color wheel either (One of my favorite lines from The Blind Side.).

Here are a few places I added some red--not fire-engine red, just a muted, darker red that implies fall.

I swapped out the basket and topiaries on my breakfast table for a cake stand and decorative woven wooden spheres.

I brought out my reddish vases and at the time I took this picture, there was just enough greenery left in my yard to complete the look--for a few days anyway.

I created a place setting with some different dishes. I haven't collected enough of the red and white for an entire table yet, but when I do, it will look something like this...

Pillows and lamps are my favorite way to update a room, a corner, or a vignette. For this spot, I put away the summery green and white pillows and added red. This one is from Home Goods a few years back.

And speaking of pillows... I borrowed the small cheetah print, Euro sized pillows from my daughter's room for my bed.

In the living room, I added some natural elements to the mantel (antlers and pine cones) in the place of my blue and white, and I swapped out the gold mirror for this darker one.

And that's how I did fall in my house this year...

Red, brown, a couple of trips to my yard, and a little flip-flopping of accessories. How do you do fall at your house?

Enjoy the weekend!


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