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A few months ago, I decided it was time to freshen up the trim in our house. It has survived three kids and two pets, and it's just not in the best shape. Read more about my starting point here. In my mind I thought I was ready to take the plunge and go all white in our bedroom--walls, trim, bedding--the whole shebang. I bought a couple of paint samples and painted several spots throughout our room and bathroom.

I stared at it for several weeks, maybe even a couple of months. In the morning the color would look one shade, mid-afternoon a different shade, and then in the evening, still another shade. I just couldn't get comfortable with it. And, going from off-white trim to white trim would be a huge undertaking.

I chickened out.

I went to the paint store and bought touch up paint to cover all the spots on the wall where I had been sampling the white. Sand Fossil, a Pittsburgh Paints color, is our wall color. I actually really like it. No matter the time of day, or the amount of light in the room, it looks right. It's a great neutral.

While there, the sales guy and I had a discussion about the trim. I explained how beat up mine was, that it was a creamy color, and that I was having trouble matching it. He suggested I simply try the lightest color on the sample card--Milk Paint.

I know what you're thinking... "Why didn't she think of that?" I quickly agreed with the helpful paint associate and couldn't wait to get home. Had I (he) done it? Was the search over? Had I (he) matched the trim color? Would the scars left by all those children, animals, and Miss Clairol soon be exiting the building? I brought home a quart...

Y'all, it was an almost perfect match. The search was over.


We had a snow day.

Not only did I try a new recipe on our day off, but I opened the paint. I decided to start in the kitchen--the pantry. The busiest spot in the house. It looked terrible--faded paint, stains, finger prints.  (I had already taken the knobs off before I thought to snap a picture.)

Would you believe I got teary and a little sentimental about that worn spot? There were once some sweet, tiny fingers that helped fade those doors.

I painted the doors and the surrounding trim. The color is perfect. Our kitchen is a pale, golden yellow color called Barley. It's a Benjamin Moore paint. So not only does the Milk Paint look good with the neutral family of colors, but also with the yellow. Now I'm ready to take on the rest of the house. :-)

So ends the story of the hunt for the matching trim paint... If you're looking for a not-white (but looks white) color as well, this one might work for you, too.

Happy Weekend!


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