Friday, June 30, 2017


What do you think about federal mirrors? I like them. They feel classic and traditional and add just the right splash of formal to a space without making it feel overdone. They look good in any room and will work just about anywhere in a house.

In this Pottery Barn photo, the mirror is the perfect wall art. The contrast of the gold and navy is such a clean, timeless look.

Image: Pottery Barn

Over a mantel as a historical focal point for a room like this one from Traditional Home is striking.

Image: Traditional Home

But the look I find myself loving the most is a smaller version hung as an accessory on a book shelf.

Image: I Suwannee

Image: Simple Details

Image: Emily A. Clark

As luck would have it, I found one of the convex, bulls eye mirrors back in May at one of my regular thrift shops. It isn't in perfect shape, but the imperfections are minor. And for the price, I couldn't pass it up.

I originally had it pictured in the dining room, but after getting it home, I'm considering three or four different places. It will first need to be dusted off and cleaned up, and then it will get some fresh paint. I want it to have a gold finish like in the pictures above (not too crazy about the wood look). I'll use the gold *Rustoleum spray paint that I used on this mirror in my back entrance and this mirror in our master bedroom. It really is my favorite for going gold.

Now, if the rain would stop and give me a pretty, sunny day, I could get it finished.

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  1. Great find, Kathryn! I am a huge fan of federal mirrors, too! Can't wait to see how it looks in your home!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Have a great holiday weekend!


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