Tuesday, June 26, 2018


If you're following me on Instagram, you'll remember that my son and I went to New Orleans on a field trip with his AP Language class back in January.

It was such a great trip. His teacher, Mr. Ray, did a fabulous job of making sure we took full advantage of every minute we were there. When we got home, it was all we talked about for days. I'm pretty sure it made my husband slightly jealous. So earlier in the summer when my son was vacationing with his girlfriend's family, we took our own trip to the Big Easy.

I took lots of pictures and hope to show them to you eventually, but today I'm just sharing the hotel we stayed in. The historic Hotel Monteleone.

It was purchased by Antonio Monteleone in 1886. It has undergone five major expansions and is one of the few family-owned hotels in the nation.

From the moment we walked in, I was in love. This is the foyer. This rose arrangement was stunning.

We checked in behind the clock around 12:30 AM. Unfortunately, our train was over four hours late leaving. We should have been there around 8 PM.

The chandeliers were beautiful. To say it was ornate is a bit of an understatement. Gold trimmed much of the ceiling

Here is one sitting area in the lobby. You can see the gold trim around the light fixture in the ceiling a bit better in the second picture.

Another spot in the lobby.

Some of the prettiest mirrors were hung throughout. This was an alcove in the downstairs area.

And here is the one in our room.

Our room was on the smaller side, but it was perfect for the two of us. 

The view stepping off the elevator.

Those were all snapped with my cell phone when I had minute, so the quality isn't the best.

But here's a great seven minute video with all the historical background and other views of the hotel if you'd like to see more of this lovely place nestled in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans.



  1. You should go back during the Christmas holidays. The lobby is filled with live flocked trees. It is beautiful!

    1. I bet that is gorgeous! We'll have to remember that. Thanks for taking a minute to comment!


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