Friday, August 23, 2019


I'm starting this post with a confession: I bought something that I didn't need, something I didn't even have a place for, but the price was so low, and the potential was so high, it had to come home with me. Please tell me I'm not alone, and you have done that a time or two as well.

After three trips to look at it, I bought a mirror--an old, pretty mirror, and I can't wait to use it to create a new vignette that's floating around in my head.

Here are two pictures that came to my mind when I spotted the mirror in the antique mall.

The first photo is from The Pink Pagoda. I came across this one years ago. I have always loved this photograph. The chest, the art, the leaves, the blue and white lamp all look fabulous together.

The Pink Pagoda
The next one is from Jennifer Griffin. She's a blogger at Dimples and Tangles. She redid this powder room for a One Room Challenge. She adores color and chose a bright pink for her mirror. Doesn't it look great in her room?

Dimples and Tangles

Then I saw this one on Pinterest. I'm not sure of the source. 

via Pinterest

The finish is not terrible but will certainly need work. It's flaked off in a few spots, but I think it can be freshend up fairly easy. By that I mean a little sanding and a few cans of spray paint.

When I bought the mirror, it had a sticky note on it that read "1960."

I did a little research and discovered this particular mirror is considered Hollywood Regency style. What is Hollywood Regency style you ask?

"Hollywood Regency decor is exactly what it sounds like; high-octane everyday glamor infused with the requisite high-shine lacquered finishes, metallics, and precious fabrications with a nod to Art-Deco decadence and Mid Century Modern practicality. Think dramatic, sensual, modern, uncluttered, and carefully edited with a mix of delicate and bold for a gender-neutral setting that's timeless in appeal."  

I found a great article that explains all of that! You can read it here. Take a look at what (I'm assuming are original) mirrors from that time period are going for. I'm also assuming the one I found is a reproduction. 

                               1stdibs  //  1stdibs //  Charish  //  Charish  //  Fleur de Lis 

Off to buy spray paint and hope for less humid weather so I can get started.
Have a great weekend!


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