Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I often take a trip down memory lane and revisit old blog posts. It's fun to see all the changes and projects that have taken place in our home. It's also fun to see how the blog has changed. Some of the first pictures I took were, let's just say, not so good. I had a lot to learn about picture taking and blogging. And while things are still not perfect, I would say drastic improvements have taken place. Things have come a loooong way. :-)

Today I thought I would take you with me to revisit an old project. I might even turn this little trip down memory lane into a series of posts. Don't you love a grocery store headline that reads "Where Are They Now?" It's always a blast to see where actors from years gone by are these days. This post is the same idea.

Shall we?

I chalk painted this table back in 2015 with a homemade recipe from Pinterest. To this day I hate I didn't leave it just like this, but instead I gave it an antique, farmhouse-like finish. See the before here.

It originally lived at the foot of my bed, next to a chair. It's also been a plant stand in our breakfast room. And here's where it is today serving as a side table in our living room.

My daddy found this saucer while scuba diving in Lake Tuscaloosa. I love the aged look of it.

The cross and beads were gifted to me by former students, Anna and Leah. Two of the most creative sisters.

Do you have anything that "travels" in your house?


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