Tuesday, February 01, 2022


January proved to be a calm, fairly quiet, uneventful month - and I am not complaining in the least! The cold weather finally made it, I have a new group of students, and paperwhites finally made an appearance all over the house. I thought I would start there! 

I've never forced indoor bulbs before, but I'll be planting them every year from now on. It was so simple. How they look now...

Life Around the Lane: January 2022

How they started...

Vessel, rocks, bulbs, and water. 
Position rocks, place bulbs, fill water until it reaches the bottom of the bulb. Add more water as needed.
I watched a YouTube video for the recipe. :-)

I found the sweetest picture at Skyland Antique Mall. It was 4$, y'all. I'm going to have the back repaired and probably use it on the bookshelves in the living room. The colors are fantastic.

I made it to an Alabama basketball game for the first time in years.

Did you catch last week's Friday's Five? I've decided these are working. And I need all the help I can get. :-)

This is my favorite for winter lips!

I have a new rug headed my way for our long narrow foyer, and I'm thinking about trying these instead of a full rug pad. 

I'm seeing so many cute sweaters on Amazon, and now that the weather is finally winter-like I may order one or two. Love this one, and it comes in several colors. 

The best thing about January was dinner with my whole gang sponsored by my in-laws. They gave each couple in the family a gift card, but we all had to use them together. Thank you!!

That's it for January! How was yours? 

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