Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I think I can now say FALL is here! I walked one morning over the weekend and I was actually cold. It was wonderful. Seems like the perfect time to share my fall table. I started working on it in September and finally have it presentable.

Back in August, while buying light bulbs at Lowe's, I came across these silver lanterns on a clearance table. Y'all, they were only $7. I couldn't pass them up, even though I wasn't sure how I'd used them. At the time of purchase, I pictured them on my mantel for Christmas.

The next piece of the table puzzle was the mums.

I was in Home Depot buying spray paint (imagine that!), saw these, and thought they would be the perfect size for a table. I also knew they would look good with blue and white. I remembered the lanterns and just like that, the whole plan was in my head.

The only other accessories I bought were the pumpkins from the grocery store, the cute little leaves, and a bag of moss from Michael's to cover up the rim of the plastic container on the mums.  I shopped my house and yard for everything else.

Here's how it all came together...

I started with my 4x5 drop cloth and added my burlap runner that my friend Carla made.

I had the big jar, and I borrowed the candle sticks and candles from my bathroom. I didn't put everything in a straight line. Instead, I zig-zagged the pieces.

The lanterns were added next, and then I lined up the planters that would hold the mums. I had room for it all.

Time to set the table.

I started with my Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine dinner plates, added salad plates from HomeGoods that I picked up last year for my Christmas table, and finally a blue and white saucer. I topped it off with a faux leaf that didn't look at all like it was faux. My husband even asked if I went out and bought real leaves.

I also spread some of the leaves around the table, along with pine cones from my yard, to fill in some of the space that felt and looked empty.

The cup and saucer are also Strawberry and Vine, and the cobalt glasses were my grandmother's.

And there you have it. I love walking through the room and being reminded that my favorite time of year has finally arrived.

Now, let's go enjoy the weather!
Have great rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by...


Friday, October 12, 2018


If you love collecting and collections, you must go follow this Instagram account

You will love it!!

Beautiful front entry fall decorating here from BH&G.

Such a pretty laundry room make over.

What not to leave behind at a flea market according to House Beautiful.

I made this dish from my "In the Kitchen" Pinterest board this week. It was fast, easy, and delicious. Perfect for a week night.

Happy Friday!!