Thursday, March 19, 2015


I wanted to tell you about a new company I came across.  It's called Smallwoods. My youngest son out grew his twin beds in what seems like overnight. I sold the beds, and he now has a new bed that finally allows him enough room to keep his feet on the mattress! That's about all I've changed in the room. I'm beginning to get my thoughts together for "growing up the space" (more on that in a later post), and one of the things I will be using is this picture of the United States. I saw it in the Smallwoods ad on Facebook. 
Compared to some similar items I have seen on the Internet and in retail stores, this is a great price for a nice, substantial item. It's 23X29, not small, and only $35. The picture of the United States is painted on the wood. It's not a sticker. I'm really pleased with the quality. It looks just as it did in the ad. You can see it (or order it!) for yourself here. Enjoy looking at all their other items at

What do you think about this piece?

Hope your Thursday is going well! Only two more days of spring break...


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