Friday, April 10, 2015

Front door revamp...Part I

Last summer we had the wood on the outside of our house painted. The trim, the windows, and the front porch were all done. Something about a full can of leftover paint sitting in my carport just didn't feel right. That's when I decided to spruce up the front porch and that leftover (already paid for) can of paint fit nicely into my plan.
Front door before
It's been about ten years since I painted the door black. Thanks to our cat, the weather, and just general wear and tear, the door was looking a little (a lot) worn.

So, I headed to Pinterest to figure out the best way to paint the door. This is the tutorial I followed.

Time to start!

End of round one...clearly there will need to be two rounds. 

Waiting on a day without rain, and a little sun to add the second, and hopefully, the final coat! Maybe we'll get lucky and have a sunny weekend. I'll share the new look soon. I'm liking it so far...

What color is your front door?


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