Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Growing up a room...

A few posts back I mentioned that I am finally finding a little time to "grow up" my youngest son's bedroom. He has outgrown everything this year, including his bed! I thought I would give you a quick look at a few things I'm planning on using in the room.

Fabrics and colors I like

A lamp I found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $6. No luck yet finding the right shade.
Bargain lamp!

I lost my grandmother, we called her Momma Bea, in October and while cleaning out her house we found this old quilt. I love it and the colors and it looks masculine to me. It's really the inspiration for what I'm planning to do in his room.

This mirror has been in his room for years. I really like the wide frame and will be keeping it in the space. I thought about spray painting it to change it up some. We'll see...

This is the picture I mentioned in an earlier post. I ordered it from a new company in Texas called Smallwoods. I'm not sure this one is still available, but they have lots of wooden signs to choose from.
Smallwoods picture

Hopefully, the room will be finished, and I can share it before he goes to college :-) Hard to believe this will be the last time I change up a room for one of my children who has out grown a space. Later on I'll show you my daughter's last room at home. A friend and I painted stripes on one of the walls. My daughter and I love the accent wall, but it was work!

Are you in the middle of any projects at your house?


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