Friday, June 05, 2015

Fun find follow up....

So, here's how I ended up using my Fun Find from a few Fridays back - succulents...

Succulents have to be some of the most interesting plants. I decided the bowls would make cute planters, so I made a trip to The Plant Lady. The Plant Lady is a local nursery where I like to shop when it's time to summer up our neck of the woods. They have a fabulous supply of indoor and outdoor plants, ferns, hanging baskets, ceramic planters - they have it all. And, because I need all the help I can get with plants, I really appreciate the knowledgeable and helpful staff. They also provide ferns to help us decorate for special events at my high school, so I like to support them in return. I left with three plants. This will be my first attempt to grow these. They promised they are hardy.

If I've identified this one correctly, it is called Green Rose Bud. I Googled it!

Green Rose Bud
This one is Jade. I know I'm right on this one - it was written on the container :-)

And finally, the Flapjack. This one is probably the most interesting of the three. 

Kalanchoe Flapjack
My bowls don't have drainage holes in them, so I covered the bottoms with some left over pebbles to keep them from sitting in water. When I do water them, I'm careful to pour off the extra water. I hope this will work. The directions were to let them completely dry out before watering. 

After almost two weeks,  I'm pleased to report they are still alive and doing well!


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