Friday, September 18, 2015

A recipe of a different sort...

You know what this picture means, right? School is in session...

Project numero uno for high school. My youngest son's Pre-AP Biology class had to make an edible cell, plant or animal. He decided on a plant cell. 


1 package of Twizzlers
1 banana
1 avocado
3 - 4 grapes
1 tablespoon of mini or regular size chocolate chips
1 cookie cake with icing trimmed

First, we trimmed the part of the cookie with decorative icing and set it aside. We affixed the Twizzlers to the outside of the cookie to serve as the cell's wall. Using my favorite Pampered Chef spreader, we added some of the yellow icing to create the cell membrane. 

Who knew an avocado made the perfect nucleus and nucleolus?

Then he added the chloroplast (grapes), the mitochondria (mandarin oranges), and the vacuole (banana). The chocolate chips are the ribosomes.

And there you have it - the edible plant cell. Be sure and pin this "recipe", especially if you'll have a high schooler in biology one day. :-) May all of your students have a Mr. McDonald in their future. The kids know their biology when they leave his room.

Have any of your children had unique assignments during their school years? Comment below and tell us about one.

Happy Friday!!

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