Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Want a fresh look? Shop your house...

Saturdays around here are probably a lot like other working mother's Saturdays. Coffee, laundry, cooking, (Kathryn's Cafe opens about 9:00), cleaning, and college football. And, if you're a teacher, you have to throw in grading papers.

In the midst of all that, it never fails - I get side tracked. I find myself rearranging - something. Last Saturday a spot on my kitchen counter top got a refresh. I really didn't mean to deviate from the cleaning and cooking plan, but it's much more fun to try things in different groupings for completely new looks. And, who doesn't appreciate a new look that's free! (My husband, that's who. He often asks me if I'll ever get things situated and leave them be. Of course the answer is NO.)

I've had this tray on my kitchen counter full of things like creamer and vitamins, but sometimes pretty wins over functional. So, I went "shopping" in my house. I had apples from a previous arrangement waiting to come back out and this rarely used vegetable serving bowl resting high up in a cabinet. I went to work.

Here's my kitchen counter top refresh...

The red adds a hint of fall and white's good any time.
Go look in your cabinets. No telling what you'll find to freshen up your space :-)


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