Saturday, September 12, 2015

Initial thoughts...

I'm sure you've all tried to do something at some point that you saw on Pinterest. Me too! And with a little help from a friend, one of my "I'm going to copy that thing I saw on Pinterest" projects turned out pretty cute. This is a pre-blog project from a couple of summers ago, so I don't have it photographed in steps. But I think I can explain it easily enough that you can try it as well with a little help from one of your friends. It was fairly easy and inexpensive.

Monograms of any shape or size are a thing right now (and always are in the South).
On a wall...

Spinters Wood Creations
On pillows...

On bedding...
HGTV has gorgeous monogrammed inspiration for bedding here.

HGTV via Ann Lowengart
The two pictures I saw on Pinterest that served as my inspiration are here and here.

I started with a basic black frame from Hobby Lobby. I bought it when they had their frames 50% off. I think it was $18 (1/2 of 36). My daughter's friend Nicolas made the initials for me, but there are vendors on Etsy making them if you don't know someone who does it.

Now, just looking at this, one might think it would be easy to simply put a sticker on a piece of glass. One would be wrong. We had to start in the center and work our way out. Hard is probably not the right adjective to describe this project, but time-consuming and patience-trying are. To make sure we were centering the sticker, we measured and put a dot with a Sharpie in the center of the frame. We did the same with the initials and lined up the dots. Slowly, we pulled the backing from the sticker and began pressing it on the glass, smoothing it with this Pampered Chef scrapper as we went. There's probably one in your kitchen drawer, too.

Once we finished, there were only a few air bubbles we missed. But overall, I think it turned out great! D for Doug, K for Kathryn, and W for us :-)

What's your latest project to copy from Pinterest?

Enjoy your Saturday! And as always, Roll Tide!

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