Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A fun idea for necklaces...

Good Tuesday to you! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some time with family and friends. The weather almost kept my in laws (Nana and Papaw) away, but they eventually made it. So much rain in the south this week. I did see the sun for a total of eight minutes today! It feels more like the early days of summer instead of the middle of winter. Rumor has it, cooler temps and more sunshine are on the way.  :-)

Last week when my daughter and I were finishing up our shopping, we stepped into our local Aeropostale. Unfortunately, they are going out of business and selling everything in the store, including the fixtures. So, for her last gift from Santa, we grabbed this...

What a fun way to keep up with necklaces. I kept "Manni" in a corner in my bedroom until it was time for Santa to put him by the tree. I had the perfect empty spot for him. I'm missing him now that he's gone. Once my daughter gets him set up in his new corner at her place, I'll show you how he turns out. She has more than three necklaces, so I'm sure he'll look even better in his next appearance.

Did you get or give an odd or interesting gift at your house? Comment below and tell us about it...


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