Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Thrifted lamp before and after...

This year my school system had the entire week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, just enough time for a quick project. A few months ago I came across this large ceramic lamp on a thrifting outing. Y'all know thrift stores make me smile. You can see some of my other finds here and here.

I'd been looking online for a similar chunky style, but this one, with a $6 price tag, caught my eye. I knew all I needed was a can of spray paint, which Lowe's provided for another six dollars. :-)

You can't beat spray paint for changing up a spot in a room, a look, or a style. This apple green lamp, also mauve when I bought it, turned out just the way I hoped it would--my first attempt at spray painting a lamp. And, if I'm remembering correctly, it was $6 also. I love the pop of color it added to my red dining room.

To spray a lamp, start by taping off the cord. I went about half way down, just to be safe--I'm messy.

The paint I used is Valspar Premium Finish in Churchill Hotel Vanilla. It has the primer in the paint, so one step is eliminated. Be sure to spray the surface well, and go back over any spots that aren't completely covered. Let it dry for about an hour (maybe a little less).

From 90's mauve to 2015 neutral...

I moved the shade from the green lamp and added it to this one. My original plan was to put this lamp on my bedside table, but for now it's in the living room on a skirted table (that I hope to update with new fabric soon).

And so, my love affair with lamps, continues... Now this will work in any room in my house. In fact, you may see it somewhere else later on in the week. :-)



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