Friday, March 11, 2016

Inspiration for the Girls - Issue 2

Time for the second installment of "Inspiration for the Girls." If you missed last weeks' inspiration room, you can catch up here

If painting is not on your schedule or just not the way you'd like to spend your decorating time, but you love pattern on a wall, this idea may be the one for you. 


If you could meet my friend Sophie, you'd understand why this middle school room update is so perfect for her. She's a spunky sixth grader and just like the look of her room, she's full of life and style. 

The main color in the room is bright pink, surrounded by shades of green with white accents. 

Circles are the dominant shape in the room, and you'll be seeing circles everywhere you look, from fun paper flower accents to decorative plates.

If the thought of creating a wall pattern scares you, but you love the touch of character it adds, do what my friend Staci and her daughter Sophie did. They ordered peel and stick, removable wall decals from Wall Pops. This created a fun focal point for the room.

You could place the decals randomly or in a specific pattern. They'll look great either way. And no worrying with a time-consuming, messy paint project. 

Gray spray paint gave this chest a fresh look. It blends perfectly with the pink and white. 

One of the sweetest accessories in the room displayed on a white wicker shelf is a picture that was originally Sophie's great-grandmother's. 

When it was time for Sophie's room update, her mom, my good friend Staci, headed to the Internet to look for images and ideas for inspiration. Her inspiration for the room I've shared today came from a post she saw on Emily A Clark's design blog. Click the link to see it. 

Three things happened after she found it: Sophie got a precious new look for her room, I discovered lifestyle/design blogs, and the blogger bug bit me.  :-) Thanks to my friend Staci for letting me share Sophie's room. 

Diamonds and Polka dots down, stripes to go. Tune in next week for the final installment of "Inspiration for the Girls."

Have a creative pattern on a wall in your house? I'd love to see it. Email a picture to 

Happy Friday before spring break!!!!!! (This teacher is ready for it.)

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