Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New life for old flower of the month prints...

Do these look familiar to you? Do you recall seeing them at your grandparents' house?

They are from a collection of prints called Twelve Months of Flowers originally painted by Robert Furber circa 1700. He was a British author and horticulturist. (Wikipedia)

Years ago my grandparents were doing some cleaning and these were in the to-go pile. I snagged them, and for probably ten years they've been taking up space in a closet. I tried to get rid of them multiple times, but I just didn't want to say goodbye--perhaps I really did like them enough to one day use them or maybe it was because they belonged to my grandparents, Momma Bea and Granddaddy.

I decided to get them out and add them to a corner of my living room that needed some new life. Not too many posts back, I mentioned I had two new cans of spray paint. One can was for this project.

The frames have a few small age spots on them (don't we all :-) ), and the inside of the frames is black. The spray paint will hopefully fix both.

I'll let you know soon how the corner turns out!


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