Friday, June 10, 2016

What's for supper?

Need an idea for supper tonight? I always do. I really don't mind hanging out in the kitchen to feed my people, but the agony of figuring out what to cook keeps me perplexed! I'm hoping I'm not alone, and maybe this will be a fresh idea to some of you. If frozen shrimp doesn't offend you, maybe this will be an easy meal to add to your work week menu. Grab the ingredients on your way home, have it ready in less than 30 minutes, and pretend you are eating at the Shrimp Basket--that's what I do. Of course, you may be one of those super women who can plan, shop, and prepare for the entire month.  #goals


Frozen Shrimp

New Potatoes (or French Fries)

(16 oz bag of prepared coleslaw mix, seasoning, 3/4 cup of mayonnaise)

Other ingredients:

Horseradish (or prepared cocktail sauce)
French bread
Sweet tea :-)

Meal prep:

Prepare coleslaw, refrigerate. Wash, dice, and boil the potatoes with salt, pepper, and butter to taste. Bake shrimp according the directions as potatoes cook. Add horseradish to the desired amount of ketchup. Bake your bread and pour your tea!

Dinner is served!


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