Thursday, February 02, 2017


Have you ever lost anyone to heart disease?

I have.

We met as adults. Our boys played ball together, and we were fast friends. We loved all the same things: our families, watching our kids play anything, and decorating our houses. She worked at her son's school and since I'm a teacher, we were on the same schedules. We spent lots of summer days together. We swapped recipes, ideas, and clothes. We could talk about anything.

Then, one day we couldn't.

Her husband Tony came home and found her on the floor of their bedroom. An ambulance came. She went to the hospital. She never left.

She was 49. I remember thinking I might not ever stop crying. But I did. Life went on, just without my friend Jacqueline.

This Friday I will wear red to honor her memory and to remind the women in my life to be heart-healthy.

Go Red for Women

Don't be so busy taking care of everyone and everything that you forget to take care of yourself. Here's a great reminder for us all via YouTube.

Image: YouTube
Go Red for Women on Friday to remind the women in your life not to forget about their hearts...

#gored #loveyourheart

A summer day about six years ago

This post is dedicated to my friend Jacqueline, her husband Tony, and son Landon. 

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