Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I would love to tell you I make my bed everyday, but my mom taught me not to lie. Instead, I'll tell you I make it a couple of days during the week and usually, on Saturdays and Sundays. Why, you ask, am I suggesting you make your bed?

Most of you know by now I'm a teacher. I teach high school--the big kids. I'm dual certified in English and Spanish. For the past several years, because of the State Department's requirements, I've only been teaching Spanish. Almost every student had to take a foreign language. Recently we were learning to talk about the rooms in the house. The students learn how to describe their bedrooms and how to talk about chores related to keeping a bedroom clean. Of course that means making their beds.

It reminded me of a video that floated around Facebook for a while. Did you see it? Admiral McRaven explains if you want to change the world, start by making your bed.

I thought it was really good, so I showed it to my students. And then, everyday after watching it, when they came to class, I asked them if they had made their beds. More and more of them started saying yes. Some days they were coming in and giving me a bed report without me asking. Before they were saying, "Hola", they were telling me their beds were made! One student even told me the Admiral was right, that he did have a better day when he made his bed. :-)

If it works for teenagers, maybe it will work for us, too! One student, a male student, told me it was causing him keep the rest of his room clean. (I bet his mom would like to hug me.) Wouldn't you agree? It's much nicer to come home to a made bed...

So how about you? Are you in the habit of making your bed? Or an even better question I would love to know the answer to, do you require your kids make their beds daily? (I never did.) Leave your answers in the comments below.

We are in the middle of spring break week! Hope your week is going great.


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