Friday, May 26, 2017


I am happy to report I have survived another 185 days with teenagers! Today was the last day of my twentieth year of teaching. It seems like the school year just started...

A few years ago some of the English teachers at my school brought a fun, creative idea to our hallway--painted ceiling tiles.

We all selected a book we loved or maybe one that we taught, and our upper-level art students, under the direction of our wonderfully talented art teacher Noel Mills, painted the book cover of our choosing on the tile. I told you briefly about these tiles not too long after starting my blog in March of 2015. Since then our collection has expanded, and I thought I would do a little bragging.

We have some incredible talent in our building!

Take a look...

I know you're wondering how I managed to get these shots. Imagine me on the floor, on my back, holding my cell phone at arm's length. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well. :-)

Next group...

We ran out of art students, so this group will hopefully be finished up next year.

It's hard to think of them as ceiling tiles; they look as though they are painted on a canvas.

This is the group on the ceiling outside of my door way.

The last group...

Do you see any of your favorite books? Which tile do you like the best?

I'm happy to be back on the blog after a crazy-busy spring.  :-)
Enjoy your holiday weekend!



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