Friday, April 28, 2017


It's that time of year again...

There isn't one drop of wax left on the floor of my classroom, the keys to almost every test and quiz are piled up in a basket waiting to return to their appropriate file folders, my markers have played out, and my students have flipped their switches to OFF. It happens every year. Something about the word "April" on the calendar. It makes everyone--including the teachers--a little haywire. But have no fear, we will make it through May, just like we do every year. Feel free to have a moment of silence for us when we come to mind. :)

In the midst of the end-of-the-year chaos,  I up and decided to start painting my red dining room white. I have wanted to for months.

Fourth of July Table

It will be a slow process, but hopefully I'll be done in the next couple of weeks. Until school is out, I only have an hour here and there to work on it.

I've been loving all the white walls on Instagram and in the blogging world, so I took the plunge. I'm trying out the white room for myself.  Here's one of my many inspiration photos.

Ethan Allen

I'm off to a good start, but I still have about half the room to go.

Many of you have asked me on Instagram about covering the red. I hope to have a full report for you soon.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Haven't looked at your blog in a while. (Shame on your Mom!) Loved all your ideas. Blessed to have a talented daughter!


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