Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The paint is dry and things are shaping up in the dining room. Today I thought a would give you a quick update. I still have a little trim and some touch up here and there to do, but things are coming together.

But first, a list of the things I've learned during this project:

1. I am not as young as I once was; my elbow may never recover. This makes me extremely sad. I love to paint!

2. Red is a strong color and does not give up easily. It takes a bunch of white to cover red. :-)

3. Paint is such an easy way to refresh any space.

4. Paint is much cheaper than new furniture (in case you need to convince someone).

5. Most of the time, following your vision pays off.

Here are a few random before pictures:

And here are a few "so far" pictures. I won't call them "afters" just yet. The room still has a ways to go.

I've decided to go rug-less for now. The hardwood has been covered since we moved in and I want it to show. The hard wood in this room, our foyer, and our living room has a dark trim running throughout that matches the darker floor in the hallway on the kids' side of the house. I know that may be hard to visualize. The floor was like this when we moved in thirteen years ago this summer. I've never seen floors done this way, but it is a unique finish that I like.

 The china cabinet is stocked with white, and I added two new baskets atop.

I will put panels back on the windows eventually. I'm trying to decide if I want to add a pattern here or a pretty neutral. Thoughts?

Here is the current state of the buffet.

This is one of my inspiration pictures from James T. Farmer. He is one of my favorite southern decorators and the author of several books including A Place to Call Home and Porch Living.

That's where things are for now. Are you guys in the middle of any projects?



  1. Your dining room looks great, Kathryn! So fresh and light!


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