Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I finally had time to finish up the accent stool I bought a couple of months ago for $15 at an antique store. If you missed that post, you can catch up by clicking here. I originally planned to use the stool in my closet, but it turned out so cute, there is no way I can let it hide in there.

This is the fabric I ended up using. If you want to see the others I was considering, go here. I bought a yard of it months ago when I came across it at the fabric store. I had no idea what I would use it for; I just thought it was pretty.

Here's a quick reminder of what the stool looked like before. It was outdated, and I'd love to know what was once used to cover the staples. Just a reminder, I sanded off the flowers and painted the base a couple of months ago.

Here's how I gave it new life.

I draped the fabric over the stool and positioned it so that the best part of the pattern was showing.

I then cut the fabric, making sure to leave plenty to work with on each side--or so I thought. I confess: I had to cut it twice. (I cut it too small the first time.)

Once I was sure the size was correct, I used a small staple gun to secure the fabric. I started on the back side of the stool, pulling and tugging the fabric to make sure it was taut, stapling as I went. At the corners, I just folded the fabric over. In case you're wondering how I lined up the staples so well, there is a bit of a ridge where the cushion rests against the wood. I made sure to press the head of the staple gun to the lip of the ridge with each pull of the trigger.

Once I was confident I hadn't missed any spots and everything looked secure, I cut off the excess fabric. I used the space again between the cushion and the wood as my guide.

I had originally thought I wanted to use silver nail heads to cover the staples. So, I headed to Lowe's and bought several boxes. They were $1.34 a box.

That was a NO go! I couldn't even hammer them in.

On to PLAN B.

I went to the fabric store and picked out a trim that I could glue on. (Glue and trim = $11.41)

It's been years since I've worked with fabric glue. I'd forgotten how easy it is to use. Unlike super glue or hot glue, it doesn't dry immediately, and you can adjust your fabric as you need to for a few minutes.

I started applying the trim on the back and worked my way around.

It took more glue than I expected; I used all of one bottle and about half of another. Even if I happened to put too much glue on the trim, it was easy to spread or even wipe off, and it dried clear.

All done...

I'll let you know where it ends up. Rest assured though, it will not be in a closet!



  1. You did such a wonderful job Kathryn-the stool is beautiful! I especially love the trim you added--it gives it such a finished and polished look. I will be on the look out for a little stool to tackle!

    1. Thank you! It was fun to do. I'm so pleased with it!!


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