Friday, June 15, 2018


Happy Friday to you!

1. I love a skirted table. They look great in any room! Lots of ideas and inspiration in this article I found on Pinterest.


2. A gorgeous home renovation in New Orleans. (My husband and I took the train down for a long weekend this month. I'm going to tell you about it soon.)

3. Guess who has another book coming out? House Beautiful shares some sneak peaks here.

4. This might just be the perfect white t-shirt for summer from Old Navy. I've been wearing mine with jeans and turquoise colored earrings every time I leave the house. I'm digging all the ruffles this season.


5. My newest gadget making my chores easier. Have y'all ever used these? I should have bought them years ago!

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Have a great weekend!



  1. What are sock locks?

    1. Ha! You stick the pair of socks in the circle and it keeps the pair together during the wash cycle. Then you don't have to match them up when you are folding clothes!


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